As our houses get largervand yards get smaller this makes sense. I gave away my perfectly functional gas powered lawnmower when I got mine and reverted to the inconvenience but cleaner electric edger.



Sometimes a lawn mower can change everything.

I always associated nice weather with the deafening “rrrrrrrrrrrr” of lawn mowers.  It’s not a bad sound for most of us; it’s generally something that brings to mind summer days, backyards, and the smell of cut grass.  To start a lawn mower generally requires some level of finesse: the perfect amount of fuel to prime the motor, followed by meaningful yanks to the pull cord.  Having too much machine for the job is, supposedly and in some places, a uniquely American point of pride. A lawn mower is a classic symbol of suburbia, a perfectly-manicured carpet of grass the reward for its conscientious use.  Stroll through any big box hardware store and you can see them, lined up and shining, some of them even ride-on style, costing as much as a cheap used car.

We added our own din to that noisy chorus…

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Hello exciting world!

While I am active on other social media networks and have blogs for a variety of causes, I have not yet had the time or courage to spill my guts online.  Maybe this wordpress site will give me an opportunity to vent.

Any help in terms of comments will be appreciated.   I hope not to have to edit or delete your comments.